Here are some of my projects which I have done it when I was student and was fascinated with microcontroller design.

I have started with Z80 CPU and continued with 8051 family of microcontrollers.

Here are some of my past projects done mainly with Orcad v3 for drafting and with SmartWork for PCB desiqn. smARTWORK was program of choice for most designs. See my smartchk program if you want to explore the boards.

Index of projects

  1. Altera EPLD and EPROM programmer
  2. Bio ionizer
  3. EPROM emulator with Centronics intereace
  4. eprom-emulator
  5. EPROM programmer
  6. generic
  7. Global Positioning System Display
  8. Fixed frequency monitor switch
  9. Remote control switch
  10. 8031 SBC
  11. Bass light show
  12. 8031 SBC w/ I/O
  13. i386 memory expansion for PC
  14. Offline switcher
  15. Console w/ ZVEI & CCIR paging
  16. Advertisiq panel
  17. 48bit multipurpose PIO card for PC
  18. PLL synthesizer
  19. Plotter
  20. Regulating power-supply w/ voltage and current limiter
  21. Printer adapter
  22. pvs
  23. rs232 cables
  24. sbc8032 Single Board Computer
  25. smARTWORK PCB checker
  26. Tampo printing
  27. Digital telephone
  28. Floor and solar heating regulation controller
  29. UART serial to parallel converter
  30. Z80A Single Board Computer
  31. Vacuum cleaner remote control
  32. Remote door opener
  33. Dallas 1-wire serial program (DOS)
  34. Light timer (Night light saver)
  35. Smart Media Serial Logger
  36. AT89C2051 programmer
  37. AT90S2313 and AT90S2323 programmer
  38. Electric door opener
  39. Differential thermostate for solar pump
  40. Battery undervoltage buzzer