What is Leon doing?

19.1.07 th bad day

26.7.06 we Promoted to nslu2-core team

3.7.06 mo 473<480

26.6.06 mo convertDatum with BSTR

22.6.06 th optware upgrade

21.6.06 we nslu2 cpio. Pkgs rebuild. Upgraded to 2.0.21. Integrated approach.

21.6.06 tu cache rebuild and SATA solved with shorter cable

6.1.06 fr Solved -5990 error code

3.11.05 th 0011D8D1E0B2

19.9.05 mo Started slotted simulation w/ Fidelity. Iterative vertex move works but with bad results.

14.9.05 we Found bit 6 error on em0 interface. No solution to vertex move.

12.9.05 mo Completed sharpness dependent filter and done some tests. Now fuzzy median is a challenge.

8.9.05 th Found a bug in ring1. reserve != resize. median now works. face index bug.

31.8.05 we nth_element for median. across_edge. cornerareas are voronoi areas, dflt - displacement field


30.6.05 th 3 in commission. 90 days pmt aft delivery. pkg12

20.6.05 mo Combining edge and FCM to improve segmentation.

15.6.05 we proposal continues

14.6.05 tu Šina. RSSI bad. vmware redo deleted.

13.6.05 mo See my previous notes.