E-GPR International school

Janez Benedičič, univ.dipl.ing.

Ivan Demšar, univ.dipl.ing.

Janez Rihtaršič, univ.dipl.ing.



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International school

International school with a title European Global Product Realization was going on from February till the end of May in the year 2002. Five teams were consisted of participants from Faculty of Mechanical engineering of University of Ljubljana, Delft University of Technology from Holland and Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne from Switzerland. Groups worked on two assignments:

  1. Vacuum cleaner from company LIV Postojna ( www.liv.si)

  2. Respiratory protection unit from company Vlamboog ( www.vlamboog.nl)


Veldi group

Our group consisted of five team members. Members were selected on the brokering principle. Holland team members started with the project two weeks before Slovenian students that is why they were the owners of the project. At our first meeting they presented their vision of the projects trough the multivision. Participants from Ljubljana presented their ideas on second meeting and at that point we also formed groups. Equal procedure was going on when participants from Switzerland joined the e-gpr course.

Word Veldi derived from esperanto language and it means welding. Inside the groupa we devided the work and then we had weekly meetings trough the internet and multivision.

Ahmed Bufardi
Iris Dijkstra
Geert van den Boogaard
Janez Benedičič
Ivan Demšar
Janez Rihtaršič

Final product

In Veldi group we developed a respiratory unit for the welders. As a result of team work a new concept of a respiratory unit and prototype has been made (picture 1). We compared developed product with Tornado unit from Vlamboog company. Advantages of developed unit are in smaller dimensions, weights less, has more compact housing with smaller number of parts. We also improved printed circuit so we can use batteries that are smaller and lighter. New printed circuit board enables us the same functions as the one in Tornado respiratory unit only difference is that has some functions solved differently on less energy consuming way.

Picture 1: Prototype

More about development of a respiratory unit can be seen in Power Point presentation final.ppt

Assembly simulation : razstavljanje.mpg


  1. Respiratory unit from Vlamboog company( www.vlamboog.nl)

  2. Batteries VARTA ( www.orbico.si)

  3. Fillter from company Colf d.o.o. from Slovenia.